Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fabric postcard for the Altered Pages blog

fabric postcard cancan girls

Today I am the guest artist on the Altered Pages blog - they sell lots of cool vintage image downloads, like these Parisian cancan dancers, and creative embellishments for art and craft projects - the wide ink-stained orange ribbon is from their package of strips from old silk saris.

I made this fabric postcard with a couple of my favorite products - Craft Attitude and Phoomph. Click here to visit Altered Pages and get my tutorial - enjoy!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Silk fabric art and more for sale in my CraftFoxes shop!

I'm cleaning out my studio and selling several of my art panels and craft projects in my online shop at CraftFoxes.com - check it out!

I enjoy looking at my work, but it's time for someone else to enjoy it...then I'll have room to create more!

This art panel is called "Silk Sunset" - imagine the sun setting and cracking the ocean like glass. It's a mixed media piece with silk, printed Lutradur, acrylic ink and pouring medium, and silk roving.

I'm uploading a variety of work to my CraftFoxes shop little by little, and everything is priced to move - enjoy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Embossed paper bookmark

embossed paper bookmark lisa fulmer

This was a fun little bookmark to make with my die-cutting machine. The paper went through with a pinstripe texture plate first, then I used a bird die to emboss and deboss a repeat pattern across the bookmark. I rubbed some pastel pigment over the top to highlight the texture, spritzed it with a little pastel fixative, colored in a few birds with a marker, then glued some die-cut birds on top in a contrasting blue.

After punching a few holes around the birds, I glued the embossed green paper on top of a sheet of the blue, so the blue peeks out through the holes, plus the double layer gives the bookmark more rigidity.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

ATC group - paint-stamping with household objects

paint stamped artist trading cards

This month, our group's theme for our artist trading card swap was paint. Last month, we played with paint-stamping using household objects like corks, cookie cutters, wadded up paper, carpet pads, pencil erasers, etc. It was a fun experiment with surface design - I used the large sheet that I stamped to crop into ATCs for this month. The little purple star blings are sitting on top of vintage bingo markers.

If you're in the Concord, CA area, click here to join our ATC Meetup group!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Burlap crafts - a blog hop & a giveaway from BurlapFabric.com

Our friends at BurlapFabric.com have sponsored a blog hop for the Designer Crafts Connection - are you ready for some creative burlap crafts?

burlap fabric wreath smoothfoam

I made a domed fabric wreath with orange and natural burlap accents - the foundation is a 10" Smoothfoam disc covered with orange polka dot batik fabric, with a yellow-painted 8" Smoothfoam hollow-half ball glued on top.

I wrapped the fabric around the disk and pinned it tautly to the back, making little pleats to hug the curves, then I pinned a circle of yellow cardstock on the backside to cover the raw edges and folds of the fabric. For the "rag rug" style flowers, I tied small strips of fabric into loose overhand knots and pinned them all over the crown of the wreath.

fabric burlap smoothfoam wreath

Using batik fabric is best for these flowers because the front and back side of the fabric looks the same. I folded strips of bright orange burlap in half, crossed the edges to make a leaf, and pinned each to the bottom of the wreath.

burlap ribbon

I pinned some cute green grosgrain ribbon around the edge and folded a length of burlap ribbon back and forth into a looped bow and pinned it into place at the bottom.

Now go click the hop links in the DCC logo on my sidebar to check out more burlap projects from our designers and don't forget to enter the prize drawing for an amazing selection of burlap yardage, ribbon and bags - valued at $100! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, July 11, 2014

Duct tape bracelet

Duct tape and gaffer tape are the perfect partners to make a quick and easy bracelet.

duct tape bracelet

Despite all the fabulous colors and patterns available for duct tape right now, I still lean toward black, it's just the color I love to wear.

Measure your wrist, add about 3/4" and trim a piece of 2" wide duct tape to that final length. Lay it sticky side up on your work surface. Trim a piece of 1" wide cloth gaffer tape 1/2" shorter than the duct tape. Center and press the gaffer tape down on to the duct tape, sticky sides together.

duct tape bracelet closure

Fold up and press the edges of the duct tape to border the gaffer tape. Fold and press each end of the bracelet back to stick to itself. Add a drop of glue to each side to secure. Punch a small hole at each end and attach jump rings and a closure.

Punch a small hole in the center and put in a decorative brad. Done! Easiest duct tape bracelet ever - and it's cute too!

duct tape bracelet gaffer tape

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

DIY ladder rack for art papers

I’ve always wanted a ladder rack to hang my large-size art papers so I can see what I have. Flat files are fine, but a tall ladder rack filled with gorgeous colors and textures in so much nicer!

DIY ladder rack art paper

I just wanted a single rack to prop up against the wall behind my heavy wire drawer cabinets. With the help of a good friend and a power drill, I was able to design my own and sponge-paint it with Americana Décor Chalky Finish Paints. The flat finish of the paint looks really great with the texture of a sea sponge applicator.

Click here for my complete project instructions on FaveCrafts. I also posted a review of the paints here...enjoy!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Flower charger plate with Smoothfoam and Rowlux Illusion Film

It's First Monday - time for a new blog hop for the Designer Crafts Connection! Look for the DCC logo on the sidebar to hop through each designer's blog. This month's theme is party decorations - I made a flower charger plate to bedeck the dip!

DIY flower plate charger

Every fancy dip needs a fancy presentation on the coffee table. This charger plate was quick to make, and the flower petals are made of a plastic material that you can easily wipe clean if your guests are a bit drippy with the dippy.

Paint an 8" Smoothfoam disc in whatever color you like - I chose black to blend in with my black table. Trim 3 sizes of petal shapes from two colors of Rowlux Illusion Film. Fold the large and small petals in half lengthwise and leave the medium petals flat.

diy flower plate charger petals

Cut v-shaped slots around the outside edge of the Smoothfoam disc with a craft knife and insert the tips of large petals with a dab of glue. Use straight pins to alternate and secure the medium and small petals around the top of the disc. Use two pins per petal so they don't shift or spin.

You can pin a circle of yellow to the center and glue a ribbon loop on the back so you can hang it on the wall when not in use - it looks pretty in the kitchen.

You could also use smaller leaves or petals to make a pretty flower charger plate for everyone at your dining table - in colors to match any holiday or season. Party on!

(pssst - be sure to check back on July 13 when the DCC has another blog hop featuring burlap crafts, sponsored by BurlapFabric.com!)

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Bicycle clock with Spellbinders foils and dies

bicycle clock

Here's a cute clock I made recently for the Cool2Craft blog, using my one of my favorite dies from the Spellbinders In'Spire line. Click here for my video tutorial with complete instructions.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Windowpane mosaic greeting card

I recently picked up a few sheets of this super cute embossed swiss dot cardstock on sale, so I had to make a quick windowpane mosaic card.

windowpane mosaic greeting card

I love windowpane mosaics - it's a great way to use up paper scraps. Just punch or cut a bunch of 1" squares and adhere them to a dark background with just a skosh of space between each square. I added a few self-adhesive gems in the centers of some of the flowers, too.

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