Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Etched stemless champagne flutes

I found a pair of plain, stemless champagne flutes at the local salvage store for a buck - and of course they were just crying to be etched. Because they are stemless, you can't use the typical wine glass charms to tell whose glass is whose. So I thought "what's mine is mine, what's yours is yours" was the appropriate inspiration for how to etch these two pretty little glasses.

I placed adhesive vinyl letters on each glass - one spelled "mine" and the other spelled "yours." Then I sunk each glass into a container filled with etchall® Dip 'n Etch liquid. 

To keep the glass from floating up, I filled it with water and leaned a knife inside it. I used an empty plastic wet-wipes jar - it was the perfect size to get the etching liquid up to the top of the glass. I wanted the whole glass to be etched like frost, with the letters reversed out.

After about 15-20 minutes in the etching bath, the glass came out, got rinsed under water, and the vinyl letters were peeled off to be used again. The Dip 'n Etch can be poured back into its original jar to be used again, too. They're a bit tricky to photograph, but these stemless champagne flutes turned out really cute!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Stenciled Easter egg design on a wood tag

Stenciled Easter egg design on a wood tag

This hip hop stenciled Easter egg design is another variation on the large wood tags I've been playing with lately. Super fun and easy - paint the tag white and sand back the edges. Then lay down some cling stencils with painter's tape in between and sponge on a few different colors of acrylic paint.

I had some cute washi tapes and border stickers in colors and patterns that played well with the stenciling, so I added those in between. Then I glued on my embroidered letters and my finished Easter egg tag was hatched. 

How cute would this be hanging from an Easter basket filled with candy? You can write the child's name and generic greeting on the back, then use it year after year. A stenciled wood tag would be cute as a creative greeting card, too.

Visit the Designer Crafts blog to see a link-up of more Easter crafts - you can add your own, too!

Stenciled Easter egg design on a wood tag

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Metallic Asian-themed greeting card and a giveaway!

Metallic Asian-themed greeting card

Time for another blog hop with the Designer Crafts Connection! This year, Fairfield came out with new yummy metallic colors in their Oly*Fun fabric line. I have an Asian-themed embossing folder that I hadn't used yet, and sure enough the metallic fibers hold the embossing softly, but nicely. I think the pinhole texture of the Oly*Fun is so much more interesting than plain craft foil for adding shine to greeting cards.

Metallic Asian-themed greeting card lisa fulmer

I just used everyday double-stick tape around the edges to layer the red and bronze sheets on to black cardstock. Be careful not to let pieces of tape overlap, because that little seam will show through the fabric. I added a rub-on of a cherry blossom branch and glued a coin to the center. Very easy and very pretty!
Want to win a bolt of metallic Oly*Fun fabric? Cut it, glue it, stamp it, stencil it, paint it, sew it - the word "fun" is in the name for a reason, you know.

Head on over to the DCC blog to enter to win and check out the links to all the other designers' projects in the hop.

Paint stamping a wood tag

paint stamped wood tag lisa fulmer

I love to paint-stamp any surface I can get my hands on - paper, fabric, wood and more. Recently I bought a pack of 4x6 wood tags - I've been using them like little canvases for lots of fun techniques - check out my tissue decoupaged wood tag over on the Bella blog.

I think oversized tags make great greeting cards, cute door hangers, or they even work as a giant key fob. A collection of them hanging on the wall would be super fun, too.

I'm taking part in my friend Jen's blog hop for National Craft Month, so I paint-stamped this spring floral design on a wood tag - it was quick and easy to make with just one little flower stamped in an all-over pattern with three different colors.

painted large wood tag

Start by painting the wood tag white - if you want white as your background color, I think sanding the edges after the paint is dry gives the tag a nice shabby chic feel. Otherwise, having white underneath will help another background color keep its true shade.

floral paint stamped wood tag lisa fulmer

I painted over the white with a coat of olive green, then edged the tag in mint green with a cosmetic sponge. Use another sponge to dab a light coverage of paint on a stamp, then stamp it on the wood. First I stamped a random pattern of mint green flowers, then after they were dry, I stamped more flowers in white, then pink. I painted the back of the wood tag in pink, then embellished the front with a sweet bug rub-on and a little bling.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Happy National Craft Month!

Favorite projects by Lisa Fulmer for National Craft Month

March might be the month for leprechauns, but it's also a great month for crafters. National Craft Month is always cause for creative celebration - it was started in 1994 by the Craft & Hobby Association to get people excited about all things handmade.

Today is also the first Monday of the month, which means the Designer Crafts Connection is hoppin'. We're sharing our most popular craft projects in the March DCC link-up. Click here to check it out!

My own top five projects that got the most hits over the last year were, not surprisingly, part of blog hops or link-ups, and they were all holiday-related, too. Clockwise from top left:

Star-spangled 4th of July centerpiece

Purple paint-stamped pet mat

Black and white polka dot ornament

Personalized etched glass tumbler

Holiday paper eucalyptus wreath

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Winter Summer" altered book

altered book by lisa fulmer

I love painting with stencils - the full tutorial for this altered book I made will be featured in a new e-book coming out in April - Around the World with 80 Artists. Click here to reserve your free advance copy. Should be very inspiring with 80 art and craft projects from artists all over the world!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Etched glass snack dish

etched glass snack dish

Pretzels, chex mix and a cold beer - perfect for when you're hanging out with friends at a party! I decided to give my plain glass snack tray a little more party style with an etched pennant border.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Clay mandala

I was thinking about those punched sewing cards for kids when I made this 4" clay mandala. I thought it would be fun to contrast the soft texture of embroidery floss with the smooth surface of air-dry clay. My full tutorial is on the Activa Products blog - enjoy!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Stenciled locker mirror

This was a sample I made for a demo at a craft show. I don't use a school locker myself, but I do like having small mirrors in a few places around the house - especially in near my front door. Not only is it part of feng shui practice, it's also handy to peek at my face real quick before greeting a visitor - you know, to remove all that broccoli from my teeth.

It's quick and easy to make with a Smoothfoam heart (if you can't find pre-made hearts, you can cut one from a sheet). Just paint the heart with a base color, then stencil it with an all-over pattern in a contrasting color. Attach a long ribbon around the edges with straight pins, accent the top with a couple beads on a long headpin, and glue a small craft mirror on top. This sample just has a circle of reflective cardstock because I had to ship it and I didn't want the mirror to break in transit - bad luck!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Stenciled wood clothes hook

Who doesn't love a good crackle finish? This cute little wood crown clothes hook started with paint and glitter, then some stenciling. Click here for my tutorial on the Bella Crafts blog.